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Hybrid Cost Proxy Model (HCPM)  Most Recent Modification: April, 2009

HCPM Now Runs With the Commission's Current Microsoft Operating Systems
Public Notice (PDF)
HCPM 2.6.1 Files Available for Downloading*
Minimum Operating System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, SP2 or greater; Microsoft Office Suite 2003, SP3 or greater.

A compressed file containing the complete installation package for the HCPM/HAI synthesis model, latest expense, Cluster and Cluster Interface modules. To install, click on the filename, download, extract and run "setup.exe." Users who have an older version of HCPM may want to first uninstall it before installing the new version.

Contains the installation package for the Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Deployment Files. This is required for proper operation of the HCPM/HAI synthesis model. To install, click on the filename, download, extract and run "setup.exe."
(19.4 MB)
Contains illustrative customer location data for the state of Maryland. These data have been prepared using the software product ExchangeInfo Plus™, available from On Target Mapping.
A compressed file containing 1) updated History.doc reporting all changes made to the HCPM portions of the synthesis model since the release of the platform order on October 23, 1998, 2) HCPM.doc, 3) User.doc.
Installation Notes

During the HCPM installation, the user is prompted to specify the desired data directory for the customer location input files (e.g., either C:\PNRdata, or C:\HCPM\data).  The data directory C:\HCPM\data is created automatically during the installation and can be used or, alternatively, the user may want to create a separate new directory C:\PNRdata because it will not be deleted when the user uninstalls HCPM.  After the installation is complete, it will be necessary for the user to place one or more customer location input files, with the proper format in the data directory.  The user will have to obtain a copy of customer location data.  A proprietary version is available under a licensing agreement with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) for use in federal universal service proceedings.  A public illustrative version for Maryland is found below.  These data need to be copied into the specified data directory prior to running the model.

The model will come preloaded with old non-proprietary line count data in the Microsoft Access database C:\HCPM\db\HCPM.mdb.  The user may want to update these data to reflect more current line counts.  Proprietary wire center line count data are available, subject to a protective order, for use in federal universal service proceedings from USAC.  To obtain copies of the proprietary customer location data and/or the proprietary line count data, contact USAC.

Once the model is run for specific companies, the calculated costs for each company are written to Microsoft Excel workbooks in the directory C:\HCPM\Results.

Model results using publicly available line count data and support amounts (2000):

  • Public Notice: Word | PDF | Text

  • Results Zip File (102 MB): Zip

  • Workfiles Zip File (116 MB): Zip

  • Support Spreadsheet: Excel

  • Wirecenter Support Spreadsheet: Excel

  • Density Zone Results: Zip

  • Results (Wire Center cost analysis for Maryland using non-proprietary line counts and non-proprietary md.zip file from below): Excel

Summary model results using proprietary line count data and support amounts (2004):

  • Year 2004 State-by-State Summary of Cost and Support Speadsheet: Excel

*After downloading, the user will need to decompress these files using standard software packages such as WinZip® or PKZIP®, while making sure that the directory structure of the compressed files is maintained.   The model can be installed by running the file "setup.exe."   Documentation for both model algorithms and operation of the user interface is provided with the installation package.

As an alternative to downloading the files, the HCPM/HAI Synthesis Cost Proxy Model may be obtained from the FCC at 45 L Street NE, Washington, DC.