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Summary: The Imputations Table provides a record of the changes made to the Form 477 fixed broadband deployment data prior its release.  

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Imputations Table Fields

The Imputations Table fields are listed below.  If one or more attributes for a particular record in the fixed broadband deployment data tables was changed, the imputation flag for that attribute in the Imputations Table will equal 1.  The changes made to the data are described on the Explanation of Broadband Deployment Data page.

  • LogRecNo: Logical record number used to relate the data tables and the Imputations Table
  • DBAName_imputed: DBAName overwritten by ProviderName
  • Consumer_imputed: Consumer 0/1 flag value changed based on values of MaxAdDown and/or MaxAdUp
  • MaxAdDown_imputed: MaxAdDown value imputed
  • MaxAdUp_imputed: MaxAdUp value imputed
  • Business_imputed: Business 0/1 flag value imputed based on the value of MaxCIRDown and/or MaxCIRUp
  • MaxCIRDown_imputed: MaxCIRDown value imputed
  • MaxCIRUp_imputed: MaxCIRUp value imputed
  • Satellite_imputed: Record inferred from streamlined filing of satellite deployment data
Thursday, December 29, 2022