OEA is responsible for expanding and deepening the use of economic analysis into Commission policy making, for enhancing the development and use of auctions, and for implementing consistent and effective agency-wide data practices and policies. OEA achieves those goals by (a) providing economic analysis, including cost-benefit analysis, for rulemakings, transactions, adjudications, and other Commission actions; (b) managing FCC auctions in support of and in coordination with FCC Bureaus and Offices; (c) developing policies and strategies to help manage FCC data resources and establishing best practices for data use throughout the FCC in coordination with FCC Bureaus and Offices; and (d) conducting long-term research on ways to improve the Commission's policies and processes in each of these areas.


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Legal Framework for Regulatory Impact Analysis

OEA and OGC issued a memorandum on November 19, 2020, providing guidance to agency staff on conducting regulatory impact analysis. This memorandum is currently being reviewed for possible revision or replacement by OEA and OGC. Pending such review, rather than relying on the OEA-OGC guidance memo, staff will seek guidance directly from OEA and OGC on a case-by-case basis as was done prior to the issuance of the memo.


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July 12, 2016 - 3:00 pm

Modernizing the FCC's Geospatial Maps

Richard Mansfield | Associate CIO for Stakeholder Relations, Office of the Managing Director
Allison Baker | Senior Data Analytics Manager, Office of Strategic Planning & Policy Analysis
Perryn Ashmore | Associate CIO for Tailored Platforms and Data, Office of the Managing Director

Maps and geospatial analysis have become increasingly important as they allow the FCC to display...


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January 13, 2023
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