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On December 29, 2011, the Commission amended its rules to define voice telephony as the supported service, eliminate support for toll limitation services and removed directory assistance and operator services, among other things, from the list of supported services.  As a result of those amendments, many Lifeline only ETCs no longer met the facilities requirement.  The Commission granted conditional blanket forbearance of the facilities requirement for Lifeline-only ETCs in the Lifeline Reform Order, and found that blanket forbearance of the facilities requirement for Lifeline-only ETCs was in the public interest, subject to carriers meeting certain public safety and compliance obligations.  The Commission required that each carrier seeking to avail itself of the blanket facilities forbearance granted in the Lifeline Reform Order submit for approval by the Wireline Competition Bureau, a compliance plan outlining certain measures to prevent waste in the Lifeline fund.  The following are a list of carriers with compliance plans pending with the Bureau:

Pending Lifeline Compliance Plans

Bureau-Approved Compliance Plans

Bureau-Denied Compliance Plans

Pending ETC Petitions

Bureau-Approved ETC Petitions

Bureau-Denied ETC Petitions

Wednesday, March 8, 2017