The FCC has full jurisdiction over the telephone numbering system in the United States. The Commission's policies governing numbering are designed to promote competitive markets and ensure the efficient use of numbers. Policies and activities include:


Wireline Competition Bureau seeks comments on the North American Numbering Plan Administration Technical Requirements.
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WCB Responds to Neustar's Request to Increase its Pre-Approved Limit for Certain Debt Transactions to 3 Billion Dollars.
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Proposed North American Numbering Plan Administration Fund Size Estimate and Contribution Factor for July 2010 Through June 2011. CC Dkt. No 92-237. DA 10-924.
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Wireline Competition Bureau continues efforts to optimize numbering resources and further extend the lives of area codes in the states of Indiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Alaska. CC Docket Nos. 99-200, 96-98 and WC Docket No. 08-66, DA 10-883.
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Wireline Competition Bureau seeks comment on Petition of Regulatory Commission of Alaska for Delegation of Authority to implement Number Conservation Measures. WC Docket 99-20, DA 09-2612.
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Comment sought on proposals for Standardized Data Fields for Simple Port requests. WC Docket 07-244, DA 09-2569.
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Pleading Cycle established for Comments on Petition of Sorenson Communications, Inc. for Declaratory Ruling or Limited Waiver of the Commission's Rules. WC Docket 05-196, CG Docket 03-123.
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Proposed North American Numbering Plan Administration Fund Size Estimate and Contribution Factor for July 2009 Through June 2010. WC Docket 92-237.
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WCB Extends the temporary assignment of three toll free numbers to SAMHSA for additional 3 months (until August 14, 2009).
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FCC Increases Consumer Choice By Speeding Number Portability.
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FCC Releases Telephone Numbering Resource Utilization Report
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WCB Seeks Comment Regarding Access to Carrier Data in NRUF Reports.
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