The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB), Office of the Bureau Chief includes the Bureau Chief and other senior officials within the Bureau. You can reach the Office of the Bureau Chief at (202) 418-0600.

Office of the Bureau Chief

Neşe Guendelsberger, Acting Bureau Chief

James Schlichting, Senior Deputy Bureau Chief

Jean Kiddoo, Deputy Bureau Chief/Chair IATF

Joel Taubenblatt, Deputy Bureau Chief

Suzanne Tetreault, Deputy Bureau Chief

Charles Mathias, Associate Bureau Chief

Johnny Drake, Assistant Bureau Chief/Management & Resources Staff

Sue McNeil, Chief of Staff/Special Counsel

Michael Janson, Assistant Bureau Chief, Deputy Director RBATF

Paroma Sanyal, Chief Economist

Charles Eberle, Legal Advisor

Theodore Marcus, Special Counsel

Aalok Mehta, Senior Policy Advisor

Charles Meisch, Senior Advisor IATF

Matthew Pearl, Legal Advisor

Carolyn Roddy, Special Counsel

Cecilia Sulhoff, Press Liaison

Mary Claire York, Legal Advisor

Cecelia Green, Staff Assistant



Additional Information

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Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Organizational Structure


Thursday, March 2, 2017