The Commission is implementing Connect America Phase II, a program with the goal of deploying modern, scalable, voice and broadband-capable infrastructure to areas of the nation where high costs have left consumers unserved by broadband, while preserving ubiquitous voice service and minimizing the burden on all consumers to support the funding mechanism for the program. The Wireline Competition Bureau has been directed by the Commission to adopt an engineering-based cost model, which will estimate the forward-looking cost of deploying and operating a modern wireline voice and broadband-capable network at the census block (or smaller) level.

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The peer reviewers completed their peer reviews prior to the availability of version 3 (and subsequent versions) of the model. All versions of the Connect America Cost Model (CACM or CAM) and accompanying documentation (including a description of the process for obtaining access to them) can be accessed on the CAF Phase II Model page.  Access to the model is subject to a protective order, licensing agreement and non-disclosure agreement.  Instructions for obtaining access to the model are available at the same site.