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These resources have been compiled for Eligible Telecommunications Carriers designated as a rate-of-return carrier related to the implementation of CAF.

Visit the Connect America Home Page to view releases applicable to all recipients of Connect America support.



General Releases 

CAF BLS and Alaska Plan Challenge Processes

Enhanced A-CAM

Alternative Connect America Cost Model

The Commission has adopted a cost model to facilitate the provision of Connect America support to rate-of-return carriers that voluntarily elect to transition to model-based support.

Alternative Connect America Cost Model Offer of Support

Alternative Connect America Cost Model Resources

Alternative Connect America Cost Model Public Notices and Illustrative Results


Waiver Orders

In the USF/ICC Transformation Order, the Commission instituted a waiver process to allow any carrier negatively affected by universal service reforms to file a petition for waiver. When considering waiver petitions, the Commission will evaluate the impact of reforms on the continued operation of voice and broadband services, and the effect on consumer rates.


In April 2014, the Commission eliminated the High-Cost Loop Support (HCLS) benchmarking rule. The HCLS benchmarking rule placed overall limits on capital and operating expenses eligible for HCLS reimbursement, and redistributed freed up HCLS to carriers that stayed within these limits.