Using the data contained in the Connect America Cost Model and the National Broadband Map, the Bureau has compiled data files for each state, district, or territory in order to assist parties participating in the challenge process. Each .zip file below contains three separate files: an explanatory readme, a coverage data file, and a top speed data file.

Readme – The readme file explains the other two files, describing each file and explaining the data fields of each column in the file.

Coverage Data File – The coverage data file shows each cable and fixed wireless broadband provider in the state that reports serving price cap carrier territories. For each provider, the file displays the technology used to provide service, the speeds provided, whether voice service is offered in the state by that provider, and whether the provider is subsidized (i.e., receives high-cost support).

Top Speed Data File – The top speed data file represents the processed National Broadband Map data that was used to determine the eligibility of a census block for Phase II support. The file shows the highest speed provided to a census block by an unsubsidized provider that also offers voice service.

Supplemental Files Associated with Consolidated Acquisition of Enventis
Data Files
Tuesday, October 14, 2014