Q1: What is TRS User Registration Database? expand and contract

Q2: Why is the FCC setting up the TRS-URD database? expand and contract

Q3: What are the new registration requirements for VRS? expand and contract

Q4: How will this affect me as a VRS user? expand and contract

Q5: Why am I required to provide the last four digits of the SSN and date of birth? expand and contract

Q6: If I don't have a SSN, how can I register? expand and contract

Q7: What will my VRS provider and the TRS-URD administrator do with my information? expand and contract

Q8: If I have a SSN but choose not to provide this information, can I provide alternative documentation? expand and contract

Q9: Will I be able to use VRS if I have a SSN but decide not to provide the last four digits of the SSN? expand and contract

Q10: Do I need to verify my information with each individual VRS provider I have an account with, or just one? expand and contract

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