Summary: This report includes the following telephone company data:

  • Estimates of state-by-state telecommunications revenues¬†
  • Actual payments, or support, received by telephone companies in each state from the Universal Service Fund (USF). Also presented are
  • Estimates of revenue collected in each state to fund universal service programs.

For more recent data, see the Monitoring Report.

1999 Revenues and 2000 USF Data. Released 04/01. PDF | ZIP

1998 Revenues and 1999 USF Data. Released 01/00. PDF | ZIP

1997 Revenues and 1998 USF Data. Released 01/99. PDF | ZIP

1996 Revenues and pre-1998 USF Data. Released 01/98. PDF | ZIP

1995 Revenue Data. Released 01/97. PDF | ZIP



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