The Wireline Competition Bureau develops policies to encourage the widespread deployment of broadband services, promote competition in broadband markets, and remove barriers to investment in broadband infrastructure. Our focus is on wireline technologies, including digital subscriber lines (DSL) and fiber-based broadband services. Policies developed by the Bureau include measures to:

  • Contribute to the Commission's Development of a National Broadband Plan. [FCC Actions]
  • Preserve and promote the vibrant and open character of the Internet as the communications marketplace advances in the broadband age. [FCC Actions]
  • Increase the incentive for companies to invest in broadband networks. [FCC Actions]
  • Collect data to monitor broadband nationwide. [FCC Actions]

In addition, the Bureau manages the Schools and Libraries program, which provides discounts for communications services, including broadband Internet connections, to many of the nation’s schools and libraries. The program also provides discounts for the installation of internal networks in schools and libraries.