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Environmental Notification Process for the Registration of Antenna Structures – Types of Filings

Antenna Structure Registration - Help

This article provides information on which Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) filings require environmental notification and which filings do not require environment notification.

The environmental notification process applies to the following types of filings that are submitted in the Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) system.

  1. All new tower registrations unless:
  2. Modifications to existing tower registrations if:
    • Lighting is being added to a previously unlit tower; or
    • Existing lighting is being modified from a more preferred lighting configuration to a less preferred lighting configuration; or
    • An antenna is being placed on an existing tower or non-tower structure and the placement of the antenna would increase the existing height of the structure by more than 10% or 20 feet, whichever is greater; or
    • Excavation is required more than 30 feet beyond the existing tower property; or
    • The mounting of the antenna would involve the installation of more than the number of new equipment cabinets for the technology involved, not to exceed four, or more than one new equipment shelter; or
    • The mounting of the antenna would involve adding an appurtenance to the body of the tower that would protrude from the edge of the tower more than twenty feet, or more than the width of the tower structure at the level of the appurtenance, whichever is greater, except that the mounting of the proposed antenna may exceed these size limits if necessary to shelter the antenna from inclement weather or to connect the antenna to the tower via cable.

    Note: If the modification to an existing tower involves changes outlined in bullets 4 – 6, please contact the Licensing Support Center at (877) 480-3201 in advance of submitting your filing. They will provide you with additional information.

  3. Amendments to pending applications outlined in 1 and 2 above if:
    • There is any change in the type of structure; or
    • There is any change in the coordinates of the tower location; or
    • There is an increase in the overall height of the structure; or
    • There is a change from a more preferred lighting configuration to a less preferred lighting configuration (Lighting styles are ranked as follows (with the most preferred lighting style listed first and the least preferred listed last): (1) no lights; (2) FAA Lighting Styles that do not involve use of red steady lights; and (3) FAA Lighting Styles that involve use of red steady lights); or
    • An Environmental Assessment is added.

The environmental notification process does not apply to the following types of filings submitted in the Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) system:

  • Administrative Update
  • Cancellation of an Antenna Structure Registration
  • Notification of an Antenna Structure Dismantlement
  • Request for a Duplicate Antenna Structure Registration
  • Required Construction or Alteration Notification
  • Ownership Change
  • Withdrawal of a Pending Application
  • Registration of a Replacement Antenna Structure (at the same location and not involving a substantial increase in size)




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