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The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is responsible for the Commission's engagement of foreign and international regulatory authorities, including multilateral and regional organizations.  OIA also facilitates through rulemaking and licensing the Commission’s development of policies regarding international telecommunications facilities and services as well as submarine cables, and advises and makes recommendations to the Commission on foreign ownership issues.  In undertaking these functions, OIA implements Commission policies to facilitate competition and foreign investment in U.S. international telecommunications markets while ensuring, in consultation with relevant federal partners, that national security, law enforcement, foreign policy, and trade policy concerns are addressed. OIA also is responsible for intergovernmental leadership, negotiation and international and inter-agency representational functions.  OIA oversees and coordinates the FCC’s global participation in international and multilateral conferences, regional organizations, cross-border negotiations and international standard setting efforts.  OIA also oversees bilateral meetings with other countries and foreign government officials.


Common Defects

This resource page provides information on the most common defects found in earth station application filings a...