The Telecommunications and Analysis Division develops international telecommunications policy, authorizes international telecommunications facilities and services under section 214 of the Communications Act, as amended (the Act), issues submarine cable landing licenses under the Cable Landing License Act of 1921 and Executive Order No. 10530, and provides expertise on foreign ownership issues pursuant to section 310 of the Act. The Division’s focus in developing international telecommunications policy is to achieve low calling rates for U.S. consumers and facilitate competition in the provision of international services. The Division is also responsible for collecting annual circuit capacity data for U.S.-international submarine cable systems under section 43.82 of the Commission's rules. In performing its functions, the Division coordinates international applications and petitions involving foreign ownership with the relevant Executive Branch agencies for any national security, law enforcement, foreign policy, or trade policy concerns. The Division also provides guidance to and shares its expertise within the FCC and with other U.S. agencies.

Front Office

  • Denise Coca, Division Chief
  • Francis Gutierrez, Deputy Chief
  • David Krech, Associate Division Chief

The Telecommunications and Analysis Division can be reached by telephone at (202) 418-1480 or by email at
Fax: (202) 418-0398
Staff Phone & E-Mail Directory

Name Telephone E-mail
Coca, Denise 202 418-0574
Cooper, Jodi 202 418- 2064
Gutierrez, Francis 202-418-7370
Kim, Gabrielle 202-418-0730
Krech, David 202-418-7443
Johnson, Karen 202-418-7706
Lechtman, Arthur 202-418-1465
Hanssen, Desiree 202-418-0887 Desiree.Hanssen
Mohsenikolour, Fara 202-418-1429
Mukhoty, Sumita 202-418-7165
Meyer, Joseph 202-418-7843
Swider, Svantje 202-418-0772
Wise-Ashton, Stacey 202-418-2214