An updated version of the Commission Registration System (CORES) became available to the public on September 1, 2016. This new functionality allows users to register for a new FCC Username Account. This Username Account allows customers to create new FRNs, modify existing FRNs, associate existing FRNs to their Username Account, and view the financial history of associated FRNs. These changes are designed to enhance security and make CORES more user-friendly. Additional details about these modifications can be found on the FCC Registration Help Pages.

The FCC plans to retire the Legacy version of CORES. After the system is retired, customers wishing to create a new FCC Registration Number (FRN) or modify an existing FRN will need to create an FCC Username Account in the updated CORES. We encourage users to navigate to the updated CORES to register and manage their FRNs.

Currently, there are no changes to how other FCC systems associate resources (applications, licenses, etc.) to FRNs.

For any questions or, if you need support with the updated CORES System, please call the FCC Licensing Hotline at (877) 480-3201 or visit the e-support page.