Federal Communications Commission Office of Media Relations
Provision of Information to the News Media

The Federal Communications Commission's Office of Media Relations (OMR) has primary responsibility for the FCC's news media programs. The major purpose of these programs is to inform the public – through the media and directly through online resources – about the FCC's activities. OMR coordinates news media requests for information and interviews on FCC proceedings or activities. The office also facilitates the release of all Commission announcements, orders, and other information. In addition, OMR manages the FCC Daily Digest, the FCC webpage, social media channels, and the FCC Audio Visual Center.

Contacting the Office of Media Relations

Members of the news media can call (202) 418-0500 or email MediaRelations@fcc.gov. To reach an individual member of the OMR staff, email them using this format: firstname.lastname@fcc.gov.

Credentialed Members of the News Media

OMR considers members of credentialed news media to be individuals or organizations that fit into the following groups:

  • A reporter, editor, writer, publisher, videographer, producer, photographer, blogger, or other editorial employee of a currently issued news outlet. The organization must operate with editorial independence from any political, government, commercial, or interest group and must be published primarily for the dissemination of the news.

OMR reserves the right for its staff members to use their best judgment in determining who is and who is not a credentialed member of the news media for purposes of this policy. Questions about credentialing should be directed to OMR.

Credentialed members of the news media may ask to be included in the email distribution of newsworthy items, such as news releases, advisories, speeches, statements, or other releases. Inclusion is at the discretion of OMR staff. Materials may also be made available on the FCC website.

Visiting FCC Facilities

On March 12, 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the FCC restricted visitor access to its facilities to only those visitors with a clear operational necessity. In light of the improved pandemic conditions, updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that focuses on COVID-19 Community Levels and the associated Safer Federal Workforce Task Force (the Task Force) guidance, beginning on June 9, 2022 the Commission will permit visitors with scheduled appointments, in conjunction with safety protocols identified by the Task Force, to enter its facilities. Our Visiting FCC Facilities page provides information to help guide visitors through the FCC’s facility security screening process and COVID-19 safety protocols for the FCC’s Headquarters and other facilities.

Commission Events & Press Conferences

All FCC meetings and/or events in the Commission Meeting Room that are open to the public are, by definition, open to the media. This includes the monthly Open Commission Meeting. Only credentialed news media are permitted to sit in the press section of the Commission Meeting Room. Likewise, only credentialed news media may set up cameras along the back wall. All members of the media are expected to fully comply with meeting rules and etiquette, including instructions from FCC security.

Following the monthly Open Commission Meeting, the FCC Chair routinely holds an on-the-record news conference to take questions from credentialed members of the press. Afterwards, senior policy and legal staff are generally made available to the press for questions related to the items on the meeting agenda. Commissioners may also choose to hold press conferences. Press may also direct questions to OMR staff.

Only credentialed news media are permitted to ask questions during the press conference. OMR reserves the right to limit the number of questions per reporter.

While monthly Open Commission Meetings are open to the public, the FCC headquarters building is not open access, and all visitors, including news media, must check in with and be screened by FCC security. Beyond the Open Meeting Room, visitors must be escorted when in the building within the security checkpoint.


The Commission Meeting Room contains a multbox (Line Level XLR output) in the center rear of the room. Video cameras must keep the center aisle clear to allow for the FCC's livestream of public meetings to capture the event. Neither still nor video cameras should move in front of the presenter table at Open Meetings even temporarily. OMR staff can escort video or still cameras to approved locations for additional shots during the Open Meeting as appropriate.

Official Photos

Official photos of Commission leadership are posted and available for download at the following web address: http://www.fcc.gov/leadership/commissioners-press-photos.


Wednesday, June 8, 2022