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Welcome to the FCC's Call Sign Reservation and Authorization System

The FCC Radio and Television Call Sign Reservation and Authorization System is available 24 hours-a-day, Monday through Sunday.   It may be used by holders of FCC-issued broadcast radio or television construction permits or licenses.  Users are encouraged to consult our FCC CALL SIGN POLICIES AND REGULATIONS before using this system.   If you wish to consult the User's Guide for the Call Sign Reservation and Authorization System as you proceed, click on the word HELP at the bottom right of each screen.

The Licensee's FRN and Password are required fields of the Call Sign Reservation System.   You must use an FRN that is associated with the facility of the call sign change you are requesting.  The FRN Manager was designed to assist in the association of FRN's.  Click the link under item number four (4) to access the FRN Manager.  The Call Sign System will accept your FRN and Password by one of the following three ways:

  •     If you know your FRN and Password, you can enter directly in the Call Sign Request Application Screen.
  •     You can verify your FRN and Password by entering the values within the Call Sign/CORES Pre-Form Screen.  If both FRN and Password are valid, the FRN will be passed from the Call Sign/CORES Pre-Form Screen to the Call Sign Reservation System.
  •     If you do not have an FRN and Password, you can get to The CORES Registration page by using the Register in CORES link.
  •     If you need to associate your FRN with the licensee's FRN, you can go to FRN Manager link.



The Call Sign System has the following options:


CLICK HERE TO ACCESS The Call Sign System:





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