Below is information on the most common filing errors and how to avoid them.  Please read the information before filing.

  1. Providing incorrect FCC Registration Numbers (FRNs)

    Filers often enter incorrect FRNs.  Please carefully review all of the boxes requesting FRNs.  For Section I, Q.1 please enter the FRN for the Respondent (the filer).  If the filer is NOT the licensee, then do not enter the FRN for the licensee in Section I.  The FRN for the licensee always should be entered in Section I, Q.7.  The FRNs entered for Section II-B, Q.3(a) must correspond to the “Names” entered in each sub-form.

  2. Applying for a second Special Use FRN

    If you have previously obtained a Special Use FRN for any individual, please use that same Special Use FRN again on the 2015 biennial filing.  Avoid obtaining a duplicate Special Use FRN for an individual reported on the Form 323.  To find previous Special Use FRNs, please refer to your 2009, 2011, or 2013 biennial filings.  Please be consistent and use the same Special Use FRN on all biennial filings for a single individual.

  3. Selecting the wrong type of Respondent (filer) on the CDBS pre-fill page

    Please choose the correct type of filer on the pre-fill page.  Only choose “Licensee” when the filing is for the licensee.  Otherwise, filers should choose “Entity with an attributable interest.”  Permittees are not required to file biennial ownership reports, so filers should not be choosing “Permittees” for biennial filings.

  4. Selecting the wrong type of Respondent (filer) for Section II-B, Q. 3(a)

    The first sub-form for Section II-B, Q.3(a) should be filled out for the Respondent (filer).  The “Listing Type” should always be “Respondent.”  Filers should never select “Other Interest Holder” for the first sub-form in Q.3(a).

  5. Providing incorrect Gender, Ethnicity, Race and Citizenship information

    Please provide gender/ethnicity/race/citizenship information for all individuals in Section II-B, Q.3(a).  Sole proprietors and individuals who are licensees are considered individuals for purposes of this form and should provide gender/ethnicity/race/citizenship information.  Also for purposes of this form, entities do not have a gender/ethnicity/race/citizenship and therefore all entities should select “N/A (entity).”

  6. Providing incorrect voting interests in Section II-B, Q. 3(a)

    When an ownership interest has a 100 percent voting interest, please list it as 100, not as one, in the Section II-B, Q.3(a) sub-forms.  Except for joint ownership situations, voting interests for each submission should not exceed 100 percent.  All voting interests should be listed as whole numbers.  The biennial form will not accept decimal placements.  Please round to the nearest whole number.

  7. Providing incorrect joint ownership information in Section II-B, Q. 3(a)

    List each joint owner separately and provide race/gender/ethnicity/citizenship information for each individual joint owner.  In the “Positional Interest” sub-form for Section II-B, Q.3(a), select “Other” for each joint owner and type “Joint Ownership” in the field.

  8. Incorrectly combining Trustees in Section II-B, Q. 3(a)

    List separate race/gender/ethnicity/citizenship information for each trustee listed in Section II-B, Q.3(a).  In the “Positional Interest” sub-form of Section II-B, Q.3(a), select “Other” for each trustee and type “Trustee” in the field.

  9. Not updating filings

    If you realize after you filed a biennial Form 323 that you need to correct an error and/or add information, please electronically file an “Amendment” through CDBS.  DO NOT submit a “New” filing.

  10. Filing the form before fixing all errors

    If you cannot validate and file the form, please scroll up to the top of the page for a list of errors in the form.  You need to fix all errors and successfully validate the form before it can be filed.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015