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Each individual application record in the Media Bureau's CDBS for radio and television broadcast stations is assigned a unique application ID number.  This is the primary field (but not the only one) used to link together the various relational tables that make up the CDBS database.

The supplemental search here allows direct access to the CDBS record associated with a specific application ID number.  This would normally be used when one knows the specific application ID number being sought.  For convenience, a second search field is included to allow access using the Facility ID number.  Please be aware that these searches may not retrieve all the data associated with the Application ID or Facility ID number in the database.


CDBS Application ID Number:  

Broadcast Station Facility ID Number:  


CDBS records may also be retrieved via the CDBS Public Search options.  CDBS results may also be accessed through links on the detailed Query output pages in the AM, FM, and TV Query searches.

For more information on AM and FM radio broadcasting, please visit the Audio Division website, and the Broadcast Radio Links page.

For more information on Television broadcasting, please visit the Video Division website.

FCC > Media Bureau > Audio Division, (202) 418-2700, and Video Division, (202) 418-1600.

Friday, December 11, 2015