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This page has been archived and is no longer actively maintained by the FCC.

Data no longer updated. For current data please see the Broadband Map.


Form 477 Data

Data Vintage
- December 2021



Actual Area Methodology

Form 477 Data

Data Vintage
- December 2021

Data produced based on analysis of the actual area covered by a particular technology, and by provider


Centroid Methodology

Form 477 Data

Data Vintage
- December 2021

Coverage by technology at the census block level using the centroid methodology

All archived data can be viewed below or visiting Box here
Note: Data for June 2019 and prior have Broadband and Voice combined. Beginning December 2019, Broadband and Voice are provided separately, and speed data is included in the releases.  See the Public Notice: OEA Reminds Providers that Form 477 Mobile Speed and Coverage Data Are Not Confidential.
For a description of the centroid and actual area methodologies, see the Public Notice: FCC Releases Data On Mobile Broadband Deployment As Of December 31, 2015 Collected Through FCC Form 477.  
Form 477 Fixed Broadband Deployment Data can be viewed here
Friday, December 30, 2022