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This page has been archived and is no longer actively maintained by the FCC.

FCC Form 690

All recipients of Mobility Fund Phase I support are required to submit an annual report on the use of support no later than July 1 in each of the five years after support is authorized. In addition, a disbursement report is required to be submitted prior to receiving the second and final disbursements of support. To submit a disbursement report, filers will use the FCC Form 690. An electronic version of the FCC Form 690 is located at the Universal Service Administrative Company’s website: http://www.usac.org/hc/tools/forms.aspx A copy of the fully completed FCC Form 690 is required to be filed with the Commission using the Commission’s Electronic Comment Filing System: (ECFS). See Electronic Filing of Documents in Rulemaking Proceedings, GC Docket No. 97-113, Report and Order, 13 FCC Rcd 11322 (1998). https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/.