March 24, 2010 - 3:01 pm

The FCC continued its active outreach program at CTIA – The Wireless Association on Monday, March 22, in the Las Vegas Convention Center.  The convention was scheduled from March 23 – 25.  The FCC participated as part of an afternoon pre-show program and as usual, heard new, different, and important comments on our licensing systems and how we could improve them.

The FCC also hosted a booth on the convention floor which featured welcoming messages from the Chairman and commissioners.

The Brainstorming Session was to solicit ideas about how to improve the current licensing systems across the FCC Bureaus, and also entertained comments on the newly released beta version of Spectrum Dashboard which allows new search functionality, downloading and mapping for some of our radio services.  We also provided a high level overview of the Spectrum Dashboard beta.

Our outreach program will continue.  Watch for scheduled events in early April where you will be able to join the discussion and learn more about the development of the Consolidated Licensing System.