April 20, 2010 - 10:08 am
By Gray Brooks | New Media Technology Specialist

Since the launch of FCC.gov/data earlier this year, the FCC has stayed busy adding further information and increasing the number of available data sets. Though /data originally contained scores of data downloads, several dozen search engines, and over 50 XML feeds, we hold to the pledge that new data sets will be regularly added to FCC.gov/data, and the work to present the data in more functional and easily accessible formats will be ongoing. The FCC remains committed to become a more open and data-driven agency and indeed to become a model agency in government transparency.

The FCC shares the understanding that all public data should be easily browsable, strongly searchable, and available via bulk download and syndication, for free and in open formats. There is much progress to be made, but the role and the mission of FCC.gov/data will continue to be the online clearinghouse for the data of the Federal Communications Commission. In addition to the 'Featured Data Sets' that were recently added to the sidebar of Reboot.FCC.gov, we also wanted to begin highlighting some of the new additions to FCC.gov/data.

The Office of Engineering & Technology:

The Office of the General Counsel:

International Bureau:

Office of the Managing Director:

Just as importantly as adding new data, we will also continue striving to improve the existing data offerings so as to offer them in more useful and open formats. Throughout FCC.gov/data and Reboot, you can join the discussion on both general and specific agency reform. Whether your insight is on how CGB can improve its data offerings or more broadly, how the FCC can better employ data, delve deeper into FCC.gov/data and take part in improving the FCC.