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MyFCCBuilding a website that serves many audiences is a complex challenge. And it is a challenge best met in partnership with the site’s frequent users.

That’s why today we are excited to announce the public Beta launch of MyFCC, and to solicit and encourage your feedback, questions and recommendations as part of our commitment to continual improvement of the FCC.gov experience.

MyFCC is a new tool designed to let you create a customized FCC online experience for quick access to the tools and information you need. Personalization options built into MyFCC make it possible to easily create, save and manage a customized page, choosing from a menu of “widgets” featuring a wide variety of the FCC’s most frequently used tools and services. Examples include the latest headlines and official documents, the Daily Digest, and quick access to forms and online filings. The public Beta offers 22 such widgets for starters, with more on the way.

With its various customization options, MyFCC not only lets you set up a personalized page, but also allows any individual or group to easily share content where it’s needed -- either on my.fcc.gov or on other websites. Each individual widget can be embedded on any other website and you can also create full dashboards of widgets to share with friends and colleagues.

In the process of Beta launching FCC.gov, we are also helping other government agencies make their own online offerings accessible and open to everyone. MyFCC is powered by an open-source module known as the Content API, an innovation other federal agencies can easily install and use. The Content API makes the contents of the website available to developers and other interested parties for projects on their own websites. For more information about our API development, visit FCC.gov/developer.

We encourage everyone -- telecom professionals, legal practitioners, federal officials and consumers alike -- to give MyFCC a try and to provide feedback and suggestions for where, together, we take it from here.