WISENET began as an experimental community to give women working in the information and communication technology sector a way to learn, innovate, and engage their community and colleagues. It was a blog with posts that picked up a variety of themes such as a need for more female ICT decision-makers, the economic benefits of broadband expansion, the importance of Internet governance and mobile money to name a few. Our bloggers represented organizations such as the FCC, the ITU, and other governments. These were just the first steps in a larger conversation about the role of ICTs in women’s lives around the world.

And this conversation continues. We are launching a redesigned WISENET that will build upon this foundation, identify new voices and points of view to create an improved convening platform for engagement, participation and innovation. We are also expanding what we offer on WISENET – now we highlight events, recent news, and research in the area of women and ICTs. In addition,
the new blog will be divided into four sections:

  1. Women and ICT Access: Consider the opportunities (economic, social and political) that women gain with access to ICTs.
  2. Careers in ICTs: Hear from women working in technology, their paths and advice.
  3. ICT4Development: Discover how ICTs are used in development projects across sectors and geographic regions, and the challenges and successes of implementing ICT4D projects with a focus on women.
  4. Voices from the Field: Learn from women who have benefited from using ICTs in developing countries

We at the FCC are excited to continue this dialogue in order to inspire, connect and empower women and girls around the world to utilize and discover the power of ICTs. If you would like to blog for WISENET, please contact us at wisenet@fcc.gov.