July 13, 2012 - 5:18 pm
By Michael Byrne | Geospatial Information Officer

The FCC is rolling out new mapping tools for the upcoming auction of Mobility Fund Phase I universal service support.  The electronic application to participate in this auction displays maps, based on certain information entered in the application, of areas eligible for Mobility Fund Phase I support.  Applicants will be able to filter their selections, distinguish between Tribal and non-Tribal areas, and view eligible areas in geographic detail. 

Another new use of mapping in the auction process will be implemented in the bidding portion of the FCC Auction System.  In the Mobility Fund Phase I auction, bidders will place bids for support on discrete areas know as census blocks (the same unit of measure the US Census Bureau uses for counting people).  In this particular auction, the bidders know the full list of the blocks eligible for bidding.  The FCC Auction System’s new mapping features allow bidders to visualize their bidding options. 

These new mapping tools provide visual portrayal and confirmation of bidding areas, which is a change from the bidding system’s previous text-only identification of areas.  As the bidders upload lists of the blocks they want to bid on, we offer them a dynamic map of those areas so they can be sure about the locations of their bids. 

We think our dynamic services approach offers significant value to the bidders and demonstrates our commitment to continually make a positive difference.  These are the results driven by a team of people deeply invested in creating innovative solutions. 

We are proud to offer these kinds of service and are looking forward to further developing such utilities.  If you are a bidder, please let us know how to improve it.