Those of us working at the FCC strongly believe that the power of technology should benefit and be available to all Americans, including those with disabilities.  Communications technology is empowering to all, but for people with disabilities, it is especially promising.  It can enable someone to telecommute or run a business out of their home; shop online; get involved in their community; receive remote healthcare; take online classes; stay connected with friends and family.  The list goes on and on, but all of these opportunities would be lost if people with disabilities do not have access to the Web.

Dr. Yevgen Borodin and the company he co-founded, Charmtech Labs LLC, are driven by the social cause of making the Web universally accessible for all.  And for that reason, the FCC’s Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau is honored to have Dr. Borodin as the guest presenter at the Accessibility & Innovation Initiative Speaker Series scheduled for September 14, 2013, from 10 am to 12 noon in the Commission Meeting Room.  The Accessibility & Innovation Initiative launched its speaker series earlier this summer to raise awareness and encourage innovation in accessible communications technologies that will benefit people with disabilities. 

Dr. Borodin is a Research Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University and is the President and CEO of Charmtech.  He states that “while technologies are advancing at a rapid pace, their accessibility is often an afterthought, with the third-party assistive tools always lagging behind the latest innovations.”  Dr. Borodin’s mission is to enable intelligent Web access for everyone and on any device.  In his talk, he will give a historic overview of how we’ve been chasing the moving target on Web accessibility and will examine strategies we could pursue to keep up with the chase.  And, finally, Dr. Borodin will propose a solution that he believes could help us win the race and make the Web universally accessible for all.

We hope you will join us, and if you’d like to see first-hand some of the accessible technologies that Dr. Borodin discusses in his remarks, please stop by the FCC’s Technology Experience Center any time between 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm that afternoon.

This event is open to the public and will be webcast live with open captioning.  Web participants may send their comments and questions to

For further details on attending, please check out the FCC’s events page at:  Accessibility Innovation Initiative Speaker Series- Yevgen Borodin