January 15, 2014 - 2:21 pm
By Howard Parnell | Chief, Web and Print Publishing Division, Consumer and Governmental Affairs

The old front page of the former FCC.gov will soon be retired in keeping with plans to gradually transition off of what has been known as the “transition” website for almost three years.  All content formerly on the old transition front page -- including links to our most popular tools and resources -- is available on the FCC.gov home page, and personal bookmarks to items once featured on the old page will continue to work.

The decision to phase out the transition front page is based on a steady decline in usage over the years since the initial FCC.gov redesign in the spring of 2011. During the past year, the page received less than 2 percent of overall traffic to the website, with 1 percent of site entrances occurring through the transition.fcc.gov front. Site analytics show that increasingly, users are entering the website through a variety of pages – largely via external search results and other direct referrals in addition to their own personal bookmarks.

Beginning Feb. 3, the transition front page will redirect automatically to the FCC.gov homepage. For those who continue to use transition.fcc.gov, please note that this action affects only one page of the transition site -- the front page.  You can continue to access any bookmarks or links you have to other transition.fcc.gov webpages after Feb. 3.  Also after Feb. 3, we’ll replace the transition link currently featured in the top right corner of our global navigation with a link to the FCC Phonebook (Find People at FCC), making that popular resource available on virtually every FCC.gov page. 

We welcome your feedback at webfeedback@fcc.gov as we continue to develop and improve FCC.gov's features and functions.