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Late last night we officially launched the new  The new site features a more responsive design, a new site navigation structure, and an improved search capability.

Information Architecture and Navigation

The site has moved from a flat design with minimal linking between pages to a hierarchical design that utilizes cross-linking, menus, and greater clarity of where you are on the site map. The new site navigation features a “toggle” capability that allows visitors to browse by "Category" or "Bureau and Office."  Extensive user research revealed visitors to prefer a clear separation of consumer content and practitioner content. Using a toggle navigation allows us to meet the navigation preferences of different site visitors.


The new site features a new search application. The new search brings together results from both and the Electronic Document Management System (EDOCS) into a seamless search experience. The user interface also allows for visitors to search only within and EDOCS and provides an array of facets to help further refine search results. Work will continue in the weeks and months ahead to continue refining the relevancy of the search results. Over time, we would like to continue expanding upon the unified searching capability to add new datasets to the application.   

Updated Responsive Design 

The design of the site has been upgraded to a more modern look-and-feel that is responsive to the device you are using. This means that the display will adjust depending on whether you are using a mobile device, tablet or computer. The site also utilizes brighter colors and more white space to direct eye focus and enhance the scanability of webpages.  These improvements are intended to provide an easier user experience for site visitors navigating the website.

While we’ve completed the move to a new website, the FCC will continue to work with internal and external stakeholders to identify and fix any bugs, broken links, or missing content. Please let us know about any issues you find. You can continue to provide feedback to as we work to improve the site.