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In my two and a half years as an FCC Commissioner, I have tried to make productive suggestions to improve the internal workings of the Commission.  These efforts have never been an attempt to undermine the authority of the Chairman or the ability of the Commission majority, whoever they may be on a particular issue, to get items completed in a timely manner.  Instead, this entire effort is about improving the efficiency of the Commission and increasing fairness and transparency with regard to a process that is questionable in some instances and downright objectionable in others.  We owe nothing less to the American people, who trust us with the responsibility of being public servants.

The chart below outlines the 24 reform proposals that I have suggested, to date, in various blogs and Congressional testimony.  Those proposals that have been adopted in whole or in part – all three of them – are in yellow.  In all fairness, item number 17, pertaining to improving the circulation process, was only proposed a few weeks ago.  

To the extent that the public or practitioners before the Commission have additional suggestions to improve the Commission’s workings, I would be pleased to review and consider supporting them.  I plan to continue to call out for the need to improve the functionality of this Commission to ensure every sound idea is given due consideration, and will add to this list as the process issues pile up.  


7.8.16- O'Rielly Process Reform Proposals