It is with a heavy heart that I announce my retirement from the FCC on January 3, 2020. I have loved working for the FCC over a career spanning 45 1/2 years. I thank Chairman Pai and all the past Chairmen and Commissioners for whom I have had the privilege to serve. Most of all I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with the fantastic staff in the Office of Engineering and Technology and the other bureaus and offices throughout the Commission.

I'm sure some may wonder, why I would choose to retire now when there is so much left to do. As many people are aware, I've been considering retiring for several years and actually hit the maximum retirement benefits long ago. To nobody's surprise, there will always be more things to accomplish and that will never change.

As George Harrison once said in his hit song: "All Things Must Pass." There remains an outstanding team of engineers, attorneys and professionals in the Office of Engineering and Technology who are up to speed on all of our many projects. I take comfort in knowing that everything is in great hands. Nevertheless, I will miss the many people I have gotten to know in the communications sector.

My wonderful wife Debi and I plan to spend more time with our family and enjoy our "golden years." I am also looking forward to achieving my lifelong ambitions of hitting cleanup for the Yankees, leading the PGA tour golf leaderboard and playing guitar and keyboard as lead vocalist in a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band. Well, maybe I will at least have time to watch others do those things.

In the meantime I will be working full steam ahead to support the Commission's work in my remaining time at the Commission.