Abhi Nemani

Director of Strategy and Communications, Code for America

1 blog posts

Admiral David Simpson

Chief, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau

1 blog posts

Ajit Pai

Former FCC Chairman

53 blog posts

Anita Dey

Senior Regional Specialist for Asia and Lead, Women’s Initiative, International Bureau

2 blog posts

Ann Mei Chang

Department of State Senior Advisor for Women and Technology

2 blog posts

Anne Neville

Director, State Broadband Initiative – NTIA

1 blog posts

Anthony Butler

Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division, CGB

1 blog posts

Antoine Green

Information Systems Support Specialist

1 blog posts

Austin Schlick

General Counsel

3 blog posts

Benjamin Balter

New Media Fellow

5 blog posts

Bill Lake

Chief, Media Bureau

10 blog posts

By Julie Veach

Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau

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Calvin Osborne

Attorney Advisor

4 blog posts

Carla Briceno

Co-Founder of Bixal

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