Open Commission Meeting - November 2010

3:30 pm – 9:30 pm EST
Commission Meeting Room (TW-C305), 445 12th Street S.W., Washington, DC

The Federal Communications Commission will hold an Open Meeting in Washington, DC. on November 30, 2010, which includes the following items:

  1. Innovation in the Broadcast Television Bands:  Allocations, Channel Sharing and Improvements to VHF: The Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking comment on rules to facilitate the most efficient use of the UHF and VHF TV bands.  These proposals, an important step toward the agency's spectrum goals as outlined in the National Broadband Plan, would take steps to enable mobile broadband use within spectrum currently reserved for use by TV broadcasters, including through innovations such as channel sharing and generating increased value within the VHF band.
  2. Promoting Expanded Opportunities for Radio Experimentation and Market Studies: The Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking comment on steps to promote innovation and efficiency in spectrum use under Part 5 Experimental Radio Service (ERS).
  3. Promoting More Efficient Use of Spectrum Through Dynamic Spectrum Use Technologies: The Commission will consider a Notice of Inquiry seeking comment on promoting more intensive and efficient use of the radio spectrum, thereby potentially enabling more effective spectrum management, through dynamic spectrum use technologies.
  4. Consumer and Governmental Affairs Presentation: The Bureau will present an overview of the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, Pub. L. 111-260, the Commission's implementation plans, and demonstrate accessibility technologies.

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