Technological Advisory Council Meeting

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm EDT
Washington DC

The Council, comprised of a diverse group of leading technology experts, provides technical expertise to the Commission to identify important areas of innovation and develop informed technology policies supporting the United States’ competitiveness in the global economy. The TAC is helping the Commission to continue the momentum spurred by the National Broadband Plan to maximize the use of broadband to advance national interests and create jobs.

The TAC will further discuss its 2012 work program and address the allocation of personnel to identified items.

In addition, the FCC would like to announce several new members of the TAC. These are:

  • Greg Chang, Senior Director, Yume, representing Yume
  • Marty Cooper, Chairman, Dyna LLc, representing Dyna LLC
  • Milo Medin, VP/Google Access Initiatives representing Google
  • Mark Richer, President ATSC, representing ATSC
  • Kevin Sparks, Senior Director, Alcatel Lucent, representing Alcatel
  • Glen Tindal, CTO for Juniper’s Global Service Provider Sector, representing Juniper
  • Joe Wetzel, President/CEO Earthlink, representing Earthlink