June 2013 Open Commission Meeting

10:30 am - 12:00 pm EDT
Room TW-C305, 445 12th Street S.W., Washington, DC

The FCC held an Open Meeting in Washington, DC on Thursday, June 27, 2013, on the subjects listed below:

  • Modernizing the FCC Form 477 Data Program (WC Docket No. 11-10):
    The Commission will consider a Second Report and Order to improve and streamline the collection of broadband subscription and deployment data.
  • Service Rules for Advanced Wireless Services H Block—Implementation Section 6401 of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 Related to the 1915-1920 MHz and 1995-2000 MHz Bands (WT Docket No. 12-357):
    The Commission will consider a Report and Order with licensing, service, and technical rules in the H Block at 1915-1920 and 1995-2000 MHz, that would help increase the Nation's supply of spectrum for flexible-use services, including mobile broadband.
  • Implementation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996: Telecommunications Carriers' Use of Customer Proprietary Network Information and Other Customer Information (CC Docket No. 96-115):
    The Commission will consider a Declaratory Ruling clarifying that wireless carriers that collect, or direct the collection of, customer proprietary network information (CPNI) on mobile devices must adhere to statutory and regulatory CPNI requirements in protecting that information.
  • Presentation on the Status of Universal Service Reform Implementation:
    The Wireline Competition Bureau and Wireless Telecommunications Bureau will present an update on universal service reform implementation.
  • Presentation on the Status of the Broadcast Incentive Auction:
    The Incentive Auction Task Force will present an update on progress towards the television broadcast incentive auction.

Meeting Documents

FCC Modernizes and Streamlines Broadband & Voice Data Collection

FCC Moves to Enable Use of 10 MHz of Spectrum for Mobile Broadband

FCC Acts to Protect Private Consumer Information on Wireless Devices

Presentation on the Connect America Fund Implementation Report

Presentation on the Status of the Broadcast Incentive Auction

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