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Open Commission Meeting

10:30 am - 12:30 pm EST
Room TW-C305, 445 12th Street S.W., Washington, DC

The FCC held an Open Meeting in Washington, DC on Thursday, January 30, 2014, on the subjects listed below:

  • Technology Transitions (GN Docket No. 13-5); AT&T Petition to Launch a Proceeding Concerning the TDM-to-IP Transition (GN Docket No. 12-353); Connect America Fund (WC Docket No. 10-90); Structure and Practices of the Video Relay Service Program (CG Docket No. 10-51); Telecommunications Relay Services And Speech-to-Speech Services for Individuals with Hearing and Speech Disabilities (CG Docket No. 03-123); Numbering Policies for Modern Communications (WC Docket No. 13-97): The Commission considered a Report and Order, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, and Notice of Inquiry that invites diverse technology transitions experiments to examine how to best accelerate technology transitions by preserving and enhancing the values consumers have come to expect from communication networks.
  • Facilitating the Deployment of Text-to-911 and Other Next Generation 911 Applications (PS Docket No. 11-153); Framework for Next Generation 911 Deployment (PS Docket No. 10-255): The Commission considered a Policy Statement and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that sets forth the agency's policy goals regarding this critical public safety function, and seeks comment on proposals for widespread implementation and achievement of those goals.
  • Incentive Auction Task Force Presentation: The Commission received an update on the timeline and project plan for the broadcast television incentive auction.
  • Process Reform Working Group Presentation:The Commission received a presentation from the Staff Working Group on Process Reform at the FCC.

Meeting Documents

FCC OKs Voluntary Experiments Testing Impact of Technology Transitions


FCC Sets Path for Widespread Text-to-911 Deployment



Incentive Auction Task Force Presentation



Process Reform Working Group Presentation




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