Connect2HealthFCC Beyond the Beltway Series: Florida

9:00 am - 3:00 pm EDT
Miami and Jacksonville, Florida

On September 30 and October 1, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission's Connect2Health Task Force traveled to Miami and Jacksonville, Florida, to highlight how broadband-enabled health technologies can transform health and care for seniors, children and people with disabilities. The scheduled policy summit, consumer event and site visits were part of the Task Force's "Beyond the Beltway Series" to reach out broadly about the transformative power of broadband-enabled solutions and next-generation communications technologies to improve access to health and care services throughout the country, especially in rural and underserved areas.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by 2030, 1 out of every 5 Americans will be 65 or older. By 2060, that figure will increase to 1 in 4. As our population ages and more Americans assume caregiving tasks for family members, broadband health technologies hold great promise to help address access to care issues, facilitate the next-generation of caregiving and provide new self-management tools.

The FCC partnered with the Mayo Clinic and AARP for several key events in Miami and Jacksonville featuring FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, senior executives from AARP Florida, Univision's Dr. Juan Rivera, Dr. Steve Ommen, Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Center for Connected Care, and theConnect2HealthFCC Task Force.


12:00-2:00 p.m.   Advancing Digital Health - Connecting Seniors to Care

This consumer spotlight focused on how digital health tools can help connect seniors, their caregivers, and people with disabilities to the health and care they need. This event was co-sponsored by AARP and was held at the Mary Abreau Community Center in Tropical Park.

12-12:15 p.m.   Connected Health Technology Showcase
Attendees had the opportunity to explore how broadband-enabled health technologies can benefit their health, and the health of their loved ones. Exhibitors include: ADT; EveryoneOn; Florida Health Information Management Association; IDEAL Life; IMST Innovations -- Virtual Health Care; UnaliWear; United Healthcare; Vitaphone E-Health Solutions; and Walgreens.
12:15-12:20 p.m.   Welcome
Ivonne Fernandez, Associate State Director AARP Florida
Dr. Juan Rivera, Chief Medical Correspondent, Univision
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler
FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn
12:20-12:25 p.m.   Tech Demo/Video
12:25-12:55 p.m.   Health Tech Talk with Univision's Dr. Juan Rivera
This armchair segment involved a senior-level Q&A with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and Commissioner Mignon Clyburn on the potential of broadband-enabled health technologies to provide much needed support to seniors and people living with disabilities.
12:55-1:20 p.m.   Caregiving 2.0
This segment, moderated by Commissioner Clyburn, featured stories from caregivers, each sharing their unique and powerful experiences of caring for a loved one. According to the Institute of Medicine, unpaid caregivers provide an estimated 90 percent of long-term care, and 83 percent of that number are family caregivers, such as family members, friends and neighbors of all ages who are providing care for a relative. As our population ages, support networks for caregivers will be increasingly important.
  • Ivonne Fernandez, Associate State Director, AARP Florida
  • Dr. Jamie Huysman, Vice President of Provider Relations, WellMed Medical Management, a UnitedHealth company
  • Caregivers: Aneel Irfan and Dania Hernandez
1:20-1:25 p.m.   Questions
1:25-1:30 p.m.   Closing

In addition, the FCC Chairman Wheeler, Commissioner Clyburn and the C2HFCC Task Force toured the Nicklaus Children's Hospital Telehealth Command Center, a state-of-the-art telehealth operation that could serve as one model for addressing the needs of older Americans and other underserved populations. They also visited a Florida Blue Retail Center for a demonstration of a HealthSpot kiosk, to learn more about how a retail-based delivery model can help connect consumers to care.



Broadband Health Summit: Building Connected Health and Smart Care Systems in Florida and Beyond

Connect2HealthFCC co-hosted a policy summit with the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, featuring industry leaders, innovators, telehealth practitioners, public policy thinkers, health care providers, rural telehealth experts and more. Read the Summit transcript.

9:00-9:40 a.m.   Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Dr. Sarvam TerKonda, Site Medical Director for Connected Care in Florida, Mayo Clinic
The Honorable Mia L. Jones, Florida House of Representatives District 14

Brief Remarks: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler
9:40-10:45 a.m.   What Next? A C-Suite Chat with Chairman Wheeler and Commissioner Clyburn

Connected Care: The Next Decade of Broadband Access and Care Delivery
This executive-level dialogue focused on the next decade of connected care and the overarching vision that the health and technology industries bring to the table, especially as it relates to meeting the needs of seniors and people living with disabilities. Participants will discuss a future where broadband allows seamless integration and collaboration in ways that bring unprecedented health benefits to consumers and helps the health care system address coming challenges.

  • FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler
  • FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn
  • Dr. Gail Croall, Chief Medical Officer, HealthSpot
  • Dr. Deborah Mulligan, Chief Medical Officer, MDLive
  • Dr. Steve Ommen, Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Center for Connected Care
  • Michael Robinson, Vice President, U.S. Health and Life Sciences, Microsoft
  • Alex Romillo, Chief Operating Officer, Health Choice Network
10:45-11:00 a.m.   Break
11:00-11:10 a.m.   Brief Remarks: FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn
11:15-2:45 p.m.   The Challenge: Catalyzing a Broadband Health Ecosystem in Florida
11:15-12:30 p.m.   Part 1: Florida in the Broadband Health Spotlight

"Any problem can be solved with a little ingenuity." Across the state of Florida, broadband health pioneers are using good old American ingenuity to successfully meet the health needs of seniors and people with disabilities. This session showcased these projects and mines their experiences for lessons learned and next- generation ideas. How can we scale these projects up across the state? How do we increase consumer awareness? How could we leverage broadband to help these models work together seamlessly?


  • Rena Brewer, CEO, Global Partnership for Telehealth


12:30 p.m.   Break and Lunch
12:45-1:00 p.m.   Luncheon Keynote

Meredith Attwell Baker, President and CEO, CTIA - The Wireless Association

Video Spotlight
1:00-1:45 p.m.   Part 2: Interactive Telehealth Design Session - Broadband Bridging Gaps for Seniors and People with Disabilities

The full potential of broadband-enabled health tools and services will involve deployment across integrated networks that enable tools to work together in consumer-focused ecosystems. Summit panelists and attendees were divided into groups and presented with an example of a "real-life" health challenge facing Florida's seniors, their caregivers, or people living with disabilities and will work collaboratively to create and envision transformative broadband-enabled health technology solutions to address these challenges. This fast-paced interactive session leveraged the expertise of Summit participants to explore the connected care future and the potential infrastructure challenges and other barriers to achieving it.


  • Deana Burrill Chupp, Learning and Development Consultant, Mayo Clinic
  • Tamara Demko, J.D., M.P.H., Principal, Health Policy Advisors, LLC
  • Dr. Michael Chris Gibbons, Chief Broadband Health Innovation Officer, Connect2HealthFCC Task Force
  • Melinda S. (Mindy) Gillis, Education Specialist, Mayo Clinic
  • Jackie McCarthy, Director of Wireless Internet Development, CTIA
  • Julia McCurry, RHIT, CHDS, CHTS-IS, Supervisor, HIMS, Mayo Clinic
  • Ken Peach, Executive Director, Health Council of East Central Florida
  • Linda Rhodes, MBA, Leadership Development Advisor, Mayo Clinic
  • Kendra Siler-Marsiglio, Ph.D., HCC, Rural Health Partnership Director, CommunityHealth IT President, WellFlorida Council
  • Dr. Sarvam TerKonda, Site Medical Director for Connected Care in Florida, Mayo Clinic
1:45-2:00 p.m.   Break
2-2:45 p.m.   Interactive Telehealth Design Session - Rapporteur Reports
Identified key takeaways and actionable content from each breakout group.
2:45-3:00 p.m.   Closing and Wrap-Up

Dr. Sarvam TerKonda, Site Medical Director for Connected Care in Florida, Mayo Clinic
FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn


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