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March 2019 Open Commission Meeting

10:30 am - 12:30 pm EDT
Room TW-C305, 445 12th Street S.W., Washington, DC

The FCC held this Open Meeting on the subjects listed below:

Public Drafts of Meeting Items – The FCC is publicly releasing the draft text of each item expected to be considered at this Open Commission Meeting. One-page cover sheets are included in the public drafts to help summarize each item. Links to these materials are provided below.

  • Spectrum Horizons
    The Commission considered a First Report and Order that would adopt rules to make available 21.2 GHz of spectrum above 95 GHz for unlicensed operations and create a new class of experimental licenses for the 95 GHz to 3 THz spectrum range. (ET Docket No. 18-21; RM-11795)
  • Wireless E911 Location Accuracy Requirements
    The Commission considered a Fourth Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that proposes a vertical, or z-axis, location accuracy metric in connection with wireless E911 calls. (PS Docket No. 07-114)
  • LPTV, TV Translator, and FM Broadcast Station Reimbursement
    The Commission considered a Report and Order that implements Congress's directive in the Reimbursement Expansion Act that the Commission reimburse certain low power television, television translator, and FM broadcast stations for costs incurred as a result of the Commission's broadcast television spectrum incentive auction. (MB Docket No. 19-214, GN Docket No. 12-268)
  • Partitioning, Disaggregation, and Leasing of Spectrum
    The Commission considered a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would explore how potential changes to our partitioning, disaggregation, and leasing rules might better close the digital divide and increase spectrum access by small and rural carriers, fulfilling the Commission's requirement under the MOBILE NOW Act. (WT Docket No. 19-38)
  • Rural Call Completion
    The Commission considered a Fourth Report and Order to implement the Improving Rural Call Quality and Reliability Act of 2017 by establishing service quality standards for intermediate providers. (WC Docket No. 13-39)

Please note: Prior to the meeting the Commission adopted – and thus removed from the agenda – the item "Reauthorizing Television Satellite Stations". This Report and Order streamlines the reauthorization process for television satellite stations when they are assigned or transferred. The Commission also adopted - and thus removed from the agenda - the item "Expanding Broadband to the 900 MHz Band". This Notice of Proposed Rulemaking proposes to reconfigure the 900 MHz band to create a broadband segment to facilitate technologies and services for a wide variety of businesses, including critical infrastructure, as well as seek comment on various transition mechanisms to achieve this goal.

Meeting Documents

FCC Opens Spectrum Horizons for New Services & Technologies

FCC Makes Proposal to Help First Responders Locate 911 Callers

FCC Expands Reimbursement Program to LPTV, TV translator, FM Stations

FCC to Evaluate Partitioning, Disaggregation, & Spectrum Leasing Rules

FCC Takes Additional Steps to Combat Rural Call Completion Problems

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