Hospital Robocall Protection Group Meeting

10:00 am - 2:00 pm EDT
Remotely via live internet link

The Hospital Robocall Protection Group (HRPG), a federal advisory committee dedicated to combatting robocalls to hospitals, held its inaugural meeting on July 27, 2020. The expert group will develop best practices on how phone companies can prevent unlawful robocalls to hospitals, how hospitals can better protect themselves from such calls, and what federal and state governments can do to help.

The agenda of HRPG's first meeting included: Introducing its members, working groups and leadership, reviewing the TRACED Act’s mandates and mission, reviewing the FACA’s procedural requirements, and receiving briefings on relevant FCC programs and policies.

Chairman Pai has designated Paul D. (Dave) Summitt, Chief Information Security Officer of the Moffitt Cancer Center, to serve as Chair, and Patrick Halley, Senior Vice President, Policy & Advocacy, US Telecom, to serve as Vice Chair. Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr and Federal Trade Commissioner Noah Joshua Phillips have also been appointed to the advisory committee. A full list of members appointed by the Chairman is available at https://www.fcc.gov/document/hospital-robocall-protection-group-members-and-first-meeting-announced.

More information about the HRPG is available on the HRPG homepage. You may also contact Donna Cyrus, Designated Federal Officer of the HRPG, at (202) 418-7325, or Donna.Cyrus@fcc.gov; or Aliza Katz, Deputy Designated Federal Officer, at (202) 418-1737, or Aliza.Katz@fcc.gov.

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Donna Cyrus
Designated Federal Officer
(202) 418-7325

Aliza Katz
Deputy Designated Federal Officer
(202) 418-1737