Space Bureau ‘20 Years of Orbital Debris Mitigation’ Open House

10:30 am - 12:00 pm EST
Commission Meeting Room, FCC Headquarters, 45 L Street NE, Washington, DC 20554


The FCC’s Space Bureau announced the next steps in its Transparency Initiative for orbital debris mitigation rules. The Transparency Initiative provides user-friendly information and guidance to interested parties about the Commission’s procedures and what is needed to obtain authorization for space station and earth station operations.

The Space Bureau’s Transparency Initiative aims to provide resources to support industry engagement with the Commission. This event will celebrate 20 years of FCC engagement in space sustainability, beginning with a retrospective of the Commission’s first orbital debris rules adopted in 2004. Next, there will be a panel of speakers on current rules at the Commission, followed by a closing panel discussion on the future of orbital debris mitigation.


  • Charity Weeden – Associate Administrator, Office of Technology, Policy and Science, NASA
  • Gabriel Swiney – Director, Policy, Advocacy, and International Division, NOAA
  • Dr. Scott Pace – Director, Space Policy Institute

The Space Bureau is seeking questions for it to address at this Open House. To foster a productive Open House, the Bureau staff respectfully asks interested parties to register and submit questions in advance by sending them to: satinfo@fcc.gov

Please register for this event.

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