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Forum on 5G Open Radio Access Networks

10:30 am - 5:00 pm EDT
Videoconference and Live Stream

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai hosted the FCC’s Forum on 5G Open Radio Access Networks. This forward-looking forum featured experts at the vanguard of the development and deployment of 5G network architecture. Open, interoperable, standards-based, and virtualized radio access networks offer an alternative to traditional cellular network architecture and could enable a diversity in suppliers, better network security, and lower costs. Chairman Pai said: "Open and virtualized radio access networks may help operators deploy more secure, cost-effective 5G networks. As part of the FCC’s 5G FAST Plan, the agency has taken many actions to promote American leadership in next generation wireless services. To that end, we want the United States to lead the way in researching and developing innovative approaches to mobile network deployment. I am pleased the FCC will convene these experts for a productive discussion about the current state of ORAN-related technologies and the path ahead."

The conversation was tracked on Twitter at #OpenRAN.


Among the speakers on the agenda for the forum are:

10:30AM-10:50AM — Welcome Remarks

  • FCC Chairman Ajit V. Pai
  • Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo
  • Robert B. Blair, Director of Policy and Strategic Planning, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Jane Harman, Director, President, and CEO, The Wilson Center

Remarks: Geoffrey Starks, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission

10:55AM-11:40AM — Introduction to Open, Interoperable, and Virtualized Networks

  • FCC Chairman Ajit V. Pai, moderator
  • Tareq Amin (Rakuten)
  • Caroline Chan (Intel)
  • Sachin Katti (VMware)
  • Thierry Maupilé (Altiostar)

Remarks: Brendan Carr, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission

11:45AM-12:55PM — Benefits of Deployment/Driving Innovation

  • Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Associate Bureau Chief Charles Mathias and Office of the Chairman Policy Advisor Evan Swarztrauber, moderators
  • Cristiano Amon (Qualcomm)
  • Craig Farrell (IBM)
  • Peter Gammel (GlobalFoundries)
  • Morgan Kurk (CommScope)
  • Diane Rinaldo (Open RAN Policy Coalition)
  • John Roese (Dell)
  • Mariam Sorond (CableLabs)
  • Soma Velayutham (NVIDIA)

Lunch Break

Remarks: Michael O’Rielly, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission

1:40PM-2:50PM — Lessons from the Field: Where Do We Go from Here?

  • FCC Chairman Ajit V. Pai, moderator
  • John Baker (Mavenir)
  • Laurie Bigler (AT&T)
  • Stephen Bye (DISH)
  • Marie-Paule Odini (HPE)
  • Mathew Oommen (JIO)
  • Steve Papa (Parallel Wireless)
  • Marcus Weldon (Nokia)

Remarks: Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission

3:00PM-5:00PM — Technical Deep Dive

  • FCC Chief Technology Officer Monisha Ghosh, moderator
  • Mihai Banu (Blue Danube)
  • Charles Clancy (MITRE)
  • Cheryl Davis (Oracle)
  • Ashutosh Dutta (JHU/APL)
  • Lori Fountain (Verizon)
  • Abhimanyu Gosain (Northeastern University)
  • Amit Jain (Verana Networks)
  • James Kimery (Spirent)
  • Ivan Seskar (Rutgers University)
  • Jacobus Van der Merwe (University of Utah)

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