May 17, 2022
By Jessica Rosenworcel | Chairwoman

The Commission hasn’t even held its May Open Meeting, yet, but we’ve already got a fresh slate of items ready for next month. Here’s what we’ve got lined up for our June meeting.

  • We’re exploring ideas for unleashing wireless innovation at sea. From the construction of new windfarms to generate renewable energy to the expanded use of wireless communications by cruise ships, there are many signs of growing demand for spectrum to support offshore operations. The Commission will consider a Notice of Inquiry on how best to meet our offshore spectrum needs. Smarter offshore spectrum policies could help make sure we are using our scarce spectrum resources efficiently, while facilitating new environmental, business, recreational, and scientific endeavors.
  • We’re continuing our work to improve 911. In 2018, the Commission launched an inquiry to explore why some wireless 911 calls are misrouted to the wrong call center. Over the past four years, enhancements in location-based routing of 911 calls have mitigated the problem of misrouted calls, but they haven’t eliminated it. The Commission will vote to update the record in this proceeding and seek comment on improvements that would help to reduce misrouting of 911 calls and improve emergency response times.
  • We’re asking about preserving established local programming for radio audiences. For years, some low-power television stations licensed on Channel 6 have provided listeners local radio programming that was picked up on the FM dial, so called FM6 stations. These stations sought to maintain this service to their existing audiences after the LPTV digital transition by seeking Commission approval to provide their analog radio service as “ancillary or supplementary services”. The Commission will consider a proposal to allow these broadcasters to continue their existing FM6 radio service, provided that they meet certain conditions, including interference protection and the provision of a synchronous TV service to consumers.
  • We will also consider an action from our Enforcement Bureau.