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January 3, 2024

Happy new year! In the spirit of wishing everyone a safe and healthy new year, we are kicking off 2024 with a monthly open meeting that features a pair of items from our Public Safety Bureau. Here’s everything we have lined up for our January agenda.

  • We’re improving network resilience during emergencies. Fast and reliable reporting of communications outages during disasters can help emergency management personnel make smarter and faster decisions when they matter most. It can also offer valuable lessons to prevent service disruptions in the future. The Commission will consider rules to transition the current voluntary outage reporting structure to a mandatory structure for certain communications providers, as well as proposals to expand reporting from other providers.
  • We’re dramatically reducing mis-routed 911 calls. Wireless 911 calls are typically routed to the emergency call center associated with the cell tower that received the call, which can cost emergency responders valuable time when calls and texts don’t initially go to the nearest first responders. The Commission will consider rules requiring the use of more precise location-based information from cellphones, instead of cell towers, to route 911 calls and texts where they need to go and improve emergency response times.
  • We’re mitigating the risks of orbital debris to space innovation. One of the biggest threats to new spaced-based innovation and services is abandoned space junk that can collide with the satellites we rely on. The Commission will consider an Order that provides clarity and guidance to satellite operators on compliance with our orbital debris rules.
  • We’re enabling creative new uses of underutilized airwaves. The Commission is always looking to promote the efficient use of spectrum and to provide opportunities for the development of new broadband service options. We will consider updates to our rules for the so-called 70/80/90 GHz bands that would facilitate broadband access on ships and aircrafts, in addition to backhaul service for 5G.
  • We will consider an adjudicatory matter from our Media Bureau.
  • We will also consider five items from our Enforcement Bureau.



Wednesday, January 3, 2024