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Listed below is contact information for filing applications with the Commission's Bureaus.

International Bureau
  • For the Satellite Division:
    Earth Stations: Jeanette Spriggs, (202) 418-0727
    Space Stations: Kathleen Campbell, (202) 418-0753
  • For the Telecommunications and Analysis Division:
    Adrienne McNeil, (202) 418-0412
Media Bureau
  • For Cable Services:
    Sean Yun, (202) 418-2193
  • For Radio:
    James Bradshaw, (202) 418-2739
  • For Television:
    Hossein Hashemzadeh, (202) 418-1658
Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
  • For all Wireless services:
    Licensing Customer Support, (877) 480-3201
Wireline Competition Bureau
  • Domestic Section 214 Applications (for transfer of control or discontinuance) and Network Change Filings:
    Dennis Johnson and Rodney McDonald, Competition Policy Division, (202) 418-1580
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