During the second quarter of 2006, SN completed a combined 296 Phase I PSAP de-ployments and 306 Phase II deployments on both its Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) networks. During this time period, SN brought its total Phase I deployments to 3,705 PSAPs on its combined networks and its total Phase II deployments to 2,961 PSAPs. SN now provides Phase I and II services in portions of 46 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

SN remains committed to providing its customers and public safety officials with E911 Phase I and II service throughout its network. SN was the first carrier to begin selling Global Position System (GPS) enabled handsets, the first carrier to deploy a handset based Phase II network, and the first to convert 100% of new activations on its CDMA network to GPS-enabled devices. As SN anticipated in its Waiver Petition filed on September 29, 2005, however, it was unable to meet the requirement that 95% of its existing customer base be GPS enabled by December 31, 2005. As discussed in the Waiver Petition, a latent software defect in certain Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS) handsets resulted in a malfunction of the E911 Phase II location capability in all iDEN Phase II-compliant handsets on July 17, 2004, a number exceeding 4.7 million handsets. This combined with other circumstances affecting SN’s con-version efforts have led SN to seek a waiver of the Commission’s 95% handset deployment rule until December 31, 2007. Notwithstanding this failure, SN notes that as of December 31, 2005, it had distributed over 60 million GPS enabled handsets. SN further notes that its GPS handset penetration rate as of May 31, 2006, exceeded 86% and, if the Motorola software defect had not occurred, the penetration rate would exceed 91%.

This report contains information regarding the status of SN’s enhanced 911 deployment efforts through the end of the second quarter of 2006, but does not duplicate all of the information provided to the Commission in previous filings. Sprint, Nextel and Nextel Partners’ previous Quarterly E911 Reports and filings in this docket provide additional information regarding the issues surrounding the deployment of Phase I and II services and SN’s compliance with the Commission’s rules, and those filings are incorporated herein by reference.

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