Individual Comments

Those who wish to file individual comments should submit them electronically via the Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) by going to Proceeding 17-108 at and clicking on the "+ Express" link to file an express comment.

Bulk Comments

We strongly encourage parties who seek to file a large number of comments or “group” comments to do so through the public API; Documentation on the ECFS Public API is here:

As another option, parties may make use of this Restoring Internet Freedom ECFS Bulk Upload Template (below) to upload a CSV file.  We ask commenters to be patient, as there may be some lag time between when filings are made and when they appear in ECFS.  All timely and properly formatted filings will be part of the record in this proceeding.

In order to ensure that bulk comments on the Restoring Internet Freedom proceeding are properly recorded in ECFS, you must use the .CSV template provided below.  Failure to use the template and the format below will prevent your comments from appearing in the record.   

For proceeding 17-108, information pre-populated in the .CSV template for proceeding name, description and ID must be used, along with these requirements:

1. Use MM/DD/YYYY format for dates.

2. Use double quotes wherever double quotes are present around field values in the template.

3. If quotes are needed inside the comments field, use single quotes or duplicated double quotes. An example is provided in the template at the end of sample data line.

Please note that all properly formatted filings submitted through the public API or the Electronic Inbox will be entered into the official FCC record, and will become available to the public, just like filings made through the website

Restoring Internet Freedom ECFS Bulk Upload Template