This tool is designed to help the many smartphone owners who aren't protected against mobile security threats. To use this tool, choose your mobile operating system below and then follow the 10 customized steps to secure your mobile device. More about the Smartphone Security Checker.


Also available, a general smartphone security checklist (PDF).

Visit the Mobile Security Guide for 10 steps you can take to protect and secure health information when using your mobile device.

Consumers using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices as "mobile wallets" to pay for goods and services should check out the FCC Consumer Guide on Mobile Wallet Services Protection for tips on protecting devices, mobile wallet services and applications, and associated data from theft and cyber attacks.


  • Blackberry
  • Chertoff Group
  • Lookout Mobile Security
  • McAfee Mobile Security
  • National Cybersecurity Alliance
  • Sophos
  • Stop.Think.Connect
  • Symantec
  • CTIA
  • NQmobile
  • Microsoft
Friday, October 30, 2015