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Puerto Rico Telephone Authority consisted of two separate operating companies with one study area jurisdiction each: Puerto Rico Telephone Company (PRPR) and Puerto Rico Communications Corporation (PRCC). PRCC, however, did not start filing ARMIS until 1993, when it reached the required threshold.



On 5/4/94, Puerto Rico Telephone Company and Puerto Rico Communications Corporation merged into one operating company--Puerto Rico Telephone Company--with two study area jurisdictions: Puerto Rico (assigned COSA PRPR, which was also assigned for the operating company COSA) and Puerto Rico Central (PRCC).




Operating company defunct. PRCC becomes a study area, Puerto Rico Central


1995 - 1996

Puerto Rico Telephone Authority had no changes during this period.

1997 - 1998

The following adjustments were made to better reflect Puerto Rico Telephone Authority corporate structure: a holding company COSA PRTC is created; COSA code PRPR, becomes an operating-company-only COSA; PRSA replaces PRPR as a new study-area-only COSA. Note: Puerto Rico Telephone Authority, because it is a non price cap corporation, makes no filing at the holding company level (PRTC).




Created holding company COSA code for Puerto Rico Telephone Authority.


Changed to operating-company-only COSA.


Created new study area COSA for Puerto Rico Telephone Company. PRSA replaces PRPR as the Puerto Rico Telephone Company study area.

Additional Notes for PRPR, PRSA:

Data for the Puerto Rico study area for periods 1990 through 1996 is filed under PRPR; 1997 data is filed under PRSA.

These COSAs represent, at different times, the same study area jurisdiction: Puerto Rico. Beginning in 1990, PRPR was both a study area jurisdiction COSA


operating company COSA, and PRSA did not exist. On 5/4/1994, Puerto Rico Telephone Company (PRPR) and Puerto Rico Communications (PRCC) merged into one operating company: Puerto Rico Telephone Company. Then, in 1997, PRPR was changed to an operating-company-only COSA, with PRSA becoming the new study area COSA for PRPR.



On March 2, 1999, GTE Holdings (Puerto Rico) LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of GTE International Telecommunications, Incorporated, which is an affiliate of GTE Telephone Operating & GTE System Telephone Companies (GTE Corporation), acquired a controlling interest in Puerto Rico Telephone Company (approximately 40 percent). The Government of Puerto Rico, Popular, Inc., and PRTC employees, through an employee stock ownership plan and trust, own the remaining interest in PRTC. Under this new ownership, it is renamed Telecommunications of Puerto Rico, Incorporated. PRTC remained the holding company for its operating company (PRPR) and study areas (PRSA & PRCC).


On 6/30/2000, Bell Atlantic Corporation (BNTR) and GTE Corporation (GTTC) merged into one company, Verizon Communications. However, PRTC did not become a Price Cap Carrier until 7/1/2000. Therefore, it is not required to file ARMIS 43-05, 43-06, and 43-07 Reports until 2001, due 4/1/2002. In a petition to the Commission, Telecommunications of Puerto Rico, Inc. is seeking to remain subject to rate-of-return regulation or to further extend the required time for its conversion to price cap regulations beyond July 1, 2001. See Public Notice titled "Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Inc. Files Supplement to its Petition for Waiver of Parts 61and 69 of the Commission's Rules" (CCB/CPD No. 99-36, DA 01-449).

Verizon Communications (formerly GTE Corporation) does not include Telecommunications of Puerto Rico, Inc. in the holding company ARMIS reports.



Telecommunications of Puerto Rico, Inc. had no changes during this period.



Telecommunications of Puerto Rico, Inc. had no changes. However, it will continue to be a rate-of-return carrier. See Memorandum Opinion and Order DA 02-888 (released 4/18/2002).


2003 - 2006

Telecommunications of Puerto Rico, Inc. had no changes during this period.




On March 30, 2007, America Movil purchased Telecommunications of Puerto Rico.  The transaction was announced in April 2006 when Verizon announced the execution of separate agreement to sell its interest in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico Telephone Company and its operating companies will file two ARMIS Reports. COSA PRPR will file the 43-08 Report and COSAs PRSA and PRCC will file the 43-01 Report.



On July 1, 2008, Puerto Rico Telephone Company became a price cap carrier.


Puerto Rico Telephone Company's holding company, Telecommunications of Puerto Rico (PRTC), will begin filing the 43-05 Report rollup in 2010. The two study areas (PRSA, PRCC) will also begin filing the 43-05 Report in 2010.

Thursday, May 14, 2015