Links to current and recent major transactions are listed at the left of this page. The web page for each major transaction includes relevant information about the specific transaction, including a short description, a timeline, and links to the applications, petitions, comments and other pleadings, ex parte filings, and Commission orders and decisions. Please note that the web page is not the official public record of the proceeding. There is also an alphabetical archive of the web pages for all past major transactions since 2000, and a chronological list of the final decisions in those transactions.

The transactions that have their own web page generally have one or more of the following qualities:

  • they present novel or complex issues of law or policy;
  • they propose combinations that are likely to have a significant impact on the public;
  • they involve business, economic, legal, public interest or other regulatory issues that are likely to elicit significant public comment; or
  • they will produce a record that is likely to be of significant public interest.
  • Providing a transaction with its own web page does not alter the Commission’s standard of review. The relevant statutory and regulatory standard applies to an application regardless of its placement on the Commission’s web site.

The Commission has also developed an informal timeline to ensure that most applications are processed within 180 days after the Commission has sought comment from the public. The timeline is intended to promote transparency and predictability in the Commission’s process. For transactions highlighted on FCC's website, the timeline provides the public with ready access to information about the status of a pending transaction. For transactions not highlighted on the website, the timeline still applies and the Commission endeavors to complete action on pending applications accordingly. In fact, most are completed well within 180 days.

Friday, December 4, 2015